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Rhomboid wooden structure


This project is based on the construction of a suspended ceiling for an office located in the centre of Valencia. The height of the office, 4.5 meters, was the main advantage that gave us the possibility of cretaing a characteristic ceiling, an structure that guides the visitors from the lobby to the inside of the office.




Concept image.


In order to simplify the construction proccess and intending not to increase the initial budget , we decided to create a ceiling that aroses from a simple geometric form, the rhombus.





The rhombuses have contiunity throughout the mezzanine floor, and also in the last part. This makes the rhombuses grow vertically until they reach the floor. Therefore this structure ends up being a translucent enclosure, an element that enables the light to pass through, acting as a visual filter.

Moreover, this remarkable piece becomes an element with decorative purpuses, it can be used as a shelf, multiplying the options for decorating the office.






We believed that the most appropriate material to built this piece would be wood. A material easy to work with, sustainable and cost-effective.

The construction proccess starts with substructure of wooden strips that hold the wooden panels defining the rhombuses. All in all, we achieve an attractive and high quality workspace.

Imagen Falso Techo copia

 Render view to visualize better the final result.






Final result.

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