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Parametric Facade

Parametric facade is an experiment in which we challenged ourselves to create the facade of our project Avenida de Francia. We wanted to discover new possibilities, a facade that stands out from the rest, built from materials that have the necessary technology not to set a limit, in terms of form and geometry.




We started our creative proccess playing with curves. The aim is to create a dynamic facade with movement and rhythm. This is where we turn to the mathematics, our interest is focused in ruled surfaces.

The helicoid is the geometry we chose to work with. This surface evokes the helicoidal flow -cork-screw-like- giving the facade the movement that we intended.  





Once we chose the geometry we were going to work with we adapted it to the real facade by creating a series of strips that serve as a parapet. These strips rotate randomly along the elevation.

Therefore, this rotational pieces solve both, the funcional and aesthetic issue. They create the parapets of the different floors balconies.


The type of facade we are aiming needs a great number of trials until we find the final and proper shape. That is why it is necessary to work with it in a parametric way.

Parametric design lets us handle the volume more precisely to achieve the bests results.  A parametric model is originated from mathematics by the use of certain parameters or variables that can be edited to manipulate or alter the end result of a system.




The material chosen for this project is known as Solid Surface and has the properties that allows us to generate a facade full of curves and turns.

The Krion or Corian, trading names, is very vesatile and flexible, technologically advanced and unique. Its easy processibility and malleability gives us the oppotunity to shape our ideas and curved pieces designed.




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